Meet Our Founder

Born and raised in Pakistan, Sindhu grew up in a middle-class family. To attain basic education, she had to go to lengths. She walked for miles every day to reach the local academy. She took public transportation, as a young woman, in some of the most dangerous pockets of the city. She even had to quit school for a couple of years and began teaching herself, when paying for school became too much for her family. 

Having experienced the inaccessibility to education first hand, she decided to do something about it. And so she founded her own non-profit, with the mission to deliver scholarships to children in need. Eight years later, her non-profit has helped send more than a hundred students to school. Her leadership and resilience caught the eye of the University of British Columbia, who gave her a generous scholarship.  With that, she packed her bags and headed out west six years ago, becoming the first in her family to move outside Pakistan to pursue further education.

Jarsss is the culmination of those years of hard work. This business is Sindhu’s chance to combine her passion for design, high-quality craftsmanship, and social activism together into one life-changing business.